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July 2014


BWL in San Remo

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In November of last year, BWL’s Alex Haines attended and passed the 152nd International Military Course on the Law of Armed Conflict (“LOAC”) run over two weeks by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law (“IIHL”) in San Remo, Italy.  According to the IIHL, the “International Military Course on LOAC was originally established in 1976 and provides the opportunity for participants to learn how to behave, in accordance with the principles and rules of the Law of Armed Conflict. At the end of the course, participants have attained a sound knowledge of the principles and rules of LOAC and will be able to apply these in a practical manner across a range of operational scenarios.”  Alex was so impressed with the course that on his return to Chambers he inspired Jazz Omari to follow his path to Italy.  Jazz attended the 153rd course over the period 12-23 May 2014.  Jazz said of the course that it “was an excellent and challenging experience and one that will certainly assist me in my IHL practice.”

Jazz and Alex are members of the BWL International Humanitarian Law Team.


Second Take – BWL Congratulates One of its Own

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Aside from being a talented young international barrister, BWL’s Joseph Oppenheimer is also a budding film writer and director with a number of short documentaries and films under his belt.  Joseph directed to some acclaim the documentary Checkpoint, which explored the sensitive issue of Palestinian freedom of movement in the West Bank in the Middle East and most recently he wrote and directed the short film Lion in the Tent.  It was this last production that brought Joseph to the attention of the American Film Institute, which has offered him a scholarship to its prestigious two-year directing course in Los Angeles, California.  Joseph of course accepted the AFI’s offer and all within BWL are delighted for him.  Joseph will be on sabbatical from August 2014.

Joseph is a member of BWL’s Rule of Law and International Humanitarian Law Teams.