BWL’s Rishi Gulati and Alex Haines contribute to Oxford International Organisations

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Since the start of 2016, Rishi Gulati and Alex Haines of Bretton Woods Law have been rapporteurs for Oxford International Organisations (‘OXIO’), a novel database launched by the University of Manchester’s International Law Centre (‘MILC’) of annotated materials specifically related to the law of international organisations.

OXIO was established by MILC in conjunction with Oxford University Press (‘OUP’), and is described as “a unique repository for acts and practices of international organisations which are of central importance to enquiries into international law, including institutional law” (click here).

The OXIO database is launching on 7th-9th September 2017 at the European Society of International Law (‘ESIL’) Conference in Napoli.

The specific acts that Rishi and Alex have written about include:

  • the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations;
  • the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies;
  • the Sanctions Procedures of the World Bank Group;
  • the Sanctions Procedures of the African Development Bank (‘AfDB’);
  • the Statute of the Administrative Tribunal of the Inter-American Development Bank (‘IADB’);
  • the Appeals Procedures of the Administrative Tribunal of the European Bank for Reconstruction (‘EBRD’); and
  • the landmark World Bank Administrative Tribunal case of de Merode et al v World Bank.

The OXIO database will include documents such as resolutions of international organisations, reports of legal advisers, judicial decisions, international agreements, and any act of legal relevance. MILC’s website describes the OXIO database as follows: “[t]oo often these acts either languish in obscurity or remain unpublished. In creating OXIO, MILC hopes to facilitate both professionals and academics’ access to a wide range of new primary materials as well concise scholarly analysis about the abundant practice of international organisations. Our aim is to launch OXIO by the end of 2017 with the ambition that it eventually becomes the largest Oxford University Press database on international law”.