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Jordan Howells

Bretton Woods Law - Jordan Howells

This subject matter is complex and TI-UK is grateful in particular for the support given by Jordan Howells.

This subject matter is complex and TI-UK is grateful in particular for the support given by Jordan Howells.

An unparalleled blend of legal expertise in the area of International Administrative Law and an understanding of the mindset and functioning of legal departments at international institutions.

Zbigniew Kominek, Former Chair, EBRD Staff Council


Jordan Howells (




  • Direct Access Accredited
  • Qualified to conduct litigation



  • Multilateral Development Bank (MDB/IFI) sanctions cases and international corruption investigations
  • Employment Disputes within International Organisations (representation, advocacy and mediation)
  • Consultancy and advice on the internal law of international organisations including  the construct of Integrity Compliance Programmes
  • Internal investigations including the use of complex forensic IT systems

MDB Sanctions proceedings

Jordan is experienced in defending companies that are alleged by the Multilateral Development Banks (‘MDBs’) to have committed sanctionable practices, such as fraud and corruption, on Bank-financed contracts, as well as conducting in-depth investigations into fraud and corruption under Negotiated Resolution Agreements arising out of such practices.  In addition to this specialism, he has conducted internal investigations, including one which looked into the leaking of confidential information and which employed advanced computer forensics techniques.

Jordan’s current focus on the MDBs is built on considerable experience of fraud investigations both domestically, when instructed by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), and internationally, through nine months spent working in the Turks and Caicos Islands, as part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office appointed Special Investigation and Prosecution Team.  These substantial investigations into corruption by private individuals, company directors and senior politicians required careful management of information which was often market-sensitive or related to Politically Exposed Persons.  Jordan has also been instructed by the Treasury Solicitor (TSol) in respect of cases flowing from government departments including the Department for International Development (DfID) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD).  He has also had the pleasure of assisting Transparency International with the preparation of a report entitled ‘Deterring and punishing corporate bribery: an evaluation of UK corporate plea agreements and civil recovery in overseas bribery cases’.

International Employment Law

Jordan has represented staff members and advised staff associations in a number of international organisations throughout the world including appearing before their respective international administrative tribunals.  He has dealt with numerous different issues which have included complaints of staff misconduct, harassment, unfair and constructive dismissal as well as other administrative decisions that have been taken ultra vires, in organisations around the world including the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Patent Office.  Jordan is particularly well-versed in the issues surrounding acquired rights, amendments to the terms and conditions of employment, including pensions and sickness insurance, and a number of these cases have involved substantial numbers of complainants and interveners.  In addition to this work, Jordan also regularly advises staff councils and is standing counsel to the Commonwealth Secretariat.  He also has experience of conducting internal inquiries into misconduct within international organisations.

Rule of Law IHL and Human Rights

Prior to coming to the Bar, Jordan gained first-hand experience of working within the legislature, whilst running a busy MP’s office in Westminster.  It provided invaluable experience of the process of proposing, drafting and amending legislation and the important function of interacting with the electorate.

He also spent nine months in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), instructed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in circumstances where the country was under direct rule by Her Majesty’s Governor-General.  Whilst there, he assisted the Attorney-General’s Office of the TCI with the drafting of legislation during this turbulent period, when the country was without many of the formal organs of government.


  • BA Hons Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Graduate Diploma in Law from City University, London
  • MPhil in Criminology from the University of Cambridge.

Whilst at Cambridge, having previously undertaken cases for the Free Representation Unit in London, Jordan was instrumental in restarting the University’s Student Pro Bono Society, in which he served as Treasurer.  Throughout his time at Cambridge, Jordan worked at a London based law firm practising administrative law relating to the prison system.


During pupillage at Dyers Chambers, London, Jordan worked on a number of complex fraud and high profile cases including R v Twomey & Others, the first Crown Court trial without jury in England and Wales, and an extradition case in the High Court involving the genocide of one million Rwandans.

Prior to being called to the Bar by Lincoln’s Inn in 2008, Jordan undertook project work at an international private bank.  Experience of dealing with anti-corruption projects and fraud matters at the bank enabled him to gain a thorough understanding of the legal and commercial pressures that arise when working in a corporate environment.  During his time at the bank, Jordan also formed part of a small team responsible for the implementation of various Financial Service Authority (FSA) directives throughout the organisation.

Marler is an established expert in the rule of law and public international law generally. I have seen him at work over the years and he is impressive. A barrister with a quick mind, an eloquent tongue and a talent with a pen, as well as having a keen sense of humour. I selected him to be my General Counsel at EQ-G for a reason.

General Sir David Richards GCB CBE DSO (former UK CDS and now Lord Richards of Hertsmonceux)

Lawyers in private practice with talent and expertise in resolving MDB sanctions cases are few and far between, but Lee Marler is one of them. He has proven himself time and again to be knowledgeable and highly effective. He is also a fine advocate and draftsman, and this is why I instruct him – where necessary – to assist IACD in its efforts to curb corruption on AfDB financed projects.

Anna Bossman, Director, AfDB’s Integrity and Anticorruption Department (“IACD”)

An unparalleled blend of legal expertise in the area of International Administrative Law and an understanding of the mindset and functioning of legal departments at international institutions.”

Zbigniew Kominek, Former Chair, EBRD Staff Council