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Rishi Gulati

Bretton Woods Law - Rishi Gulati


Rishi Gulati (



Academic Expert and Australian Barrister
Eligible for registration as Bar Standards Board Qualified foreign lawyer



  • Public International Law

Select Publications and Lectures

Rishi has published numerous articles in leading journals, and has frequently been asked to appear before the media on topical issues of international and transnational law. He has delivered lectures on issues around immunities of international organisations, international administrative law, State Responsibility, national security law, nationality and citizenship law, etc, at leading institutions, including New York University, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg (where he was a Guest Visitor in February 2016), Hague Talks, Indian Society of International Law, King’s College London, and the Australian National University. Rishi has previously also lectured at the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University.

  • Gulati, ‘Survey of Developments in Australian Private International Law 2013-2014’ (2015), Vol 32 Australian Year Book of International Law (with Andrew Lu and Thinesh Thillainadarajah) (Forthcoming)
  • Gulati, ‘Survey of Developments in Australian Private International Law 2009-2012’ (2014), Vol 31 Australian Year Book of International Law (with Andrew Lu, Thomas John and Thinesh Thillainadarajah), pp. 421-459.
  • Gulati, ‘Nationality in the Age of Google, Skype and Facebook’, in Kim Rubenstein and Mark Nolan (Eds), Allegiance and Identity in a Globalized World, Cambridge University Press (2014).
  • Gulati, ‘Resolving Dual and Multiple Nationality Disputes in a Globalized World’ (2014), Vol 28 No 1 Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality, pp. 27-45.
  • Gulati, ‘Sunset Clauses in Australian Anti-Terror Laws’ (2013), Adelaide Law Review (with Nicola McGarrity and George Williams), pp. 307-333.
  • Gulati, ‘The 26/11 Terrorist Attacks and the Application of the Laws of Armed Conflict’ (2012), Vol X ISIL Yearbook of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law, pp. 91-113.
  • Gulati, ‘The 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attack: Assessing Pakistan’s Responsibility in International Law’ (2011), Vol 51 No 3 Indian Journal of International Law, pp. 321-363.


Rishi Gulati is an Academic Expert at Bretton Woods Law, possessing expertise in the law of international organisations, as well as several other aspects of public and private international law. He has an Advanced Masters in Public International Law from Leiden University, and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the Australian National University. He is a Dickson Poon Scholar of Law at King’s College London, working on a major project on the accountability of international organisations and global administrative law. Rishi is currently also involved in a project on the right to a fair trial under international law with Dr Philippa Webb and Mrs Amal Clooney. He is presently an Oxford International Organizations Rapporteur.

Rishi provides clear, precise, innovative and highly skilled advice on transnational law issues. He possesses an excellent ability to focus on the issues in contention. Invariably clients have been grateful and highly impressed with his legal and problem solving skills

Thomas John (ACIArb) Attaché to the Secretary General of the Hague Conference on Private International Law

Rishi possesses an excellent knowledge of international organisations law. He will be the Dickson Poon Scholar at King’s College London (2015-18), a highly prestigious award in the field. As a Dickson Poon Scholar, Rishi will be engaged in a three year project on the accountability of international organisations, undertaking cutting edge research in the field

Dr Philippa Webb (King’s College London)

Marler is an established expert in the rule of law and public international law generally. I have seen him at work over the years and he is impressive. A barrister with a quick mind, an eloquent tongue and a talent with a pen, as well as having a keen sense of humour. I selected him to be my General Counsel at EQ-G for a reason.

General Sir David Richards GCB CBE DSO (former UK CDS and now Lord Richards of Hertsmonceux)

Lawyers in private practice with talent and expertise in resolving MDB sanctions cases are few and far between, but Lee Marler is one of them. He has proven himself time and again to be knowledgeable and highly effective. He is also a fine advocate and draftsman, and this is why I instruct him – where necessary – to assist IACD in its efforts to curb corruption on AfDB financed projects.

Anna Bossman, Director, AfDB’s Integrity and Anticorruption Department (“IACD”)

An unparalleled blend of legal expertise in the area of International Administrative Law and an understanding of the mindset and functioning of legal departments at international institutions.”

Zbigniew Kominek, Former Chair, EBRD Staff Council