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Providing solutions and remedies to groups and communities adversely affected by projects financed by the multilateral development banks



The immunities and privileges enjoyed by the multilateral development banks by and large ensure that they cannot be pursued in the national courts of their members states. Those internal mechanisms advanced by the multilateral development banks to provide fora in which to address the concerns and disputes of those indigenous people, groups and communities adversely affected by the lending operations of those banks are inherently protectionist. It is not easy for those harmed to seek redress or an effective remedy. The banks enjoy international representation and extensive funding for that advice, but yet they largely deny adversely affected communities the ability to be represented by international experts and normally refuse to fund those affected by their activities. BWL barristers are advocates for change and our knowledge of the international governmental organisation community enables us to deliver pressure with accuracy – we provide comprehensive and innovative strategies and implement those strategies for our clients in order to ensure effective outcomes.

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