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MDB Compliance Health Check

Would your integrity compliance programmes pass the scrutiny of Multilateral Development Banks?

The Bretton Woods Law MDB Compliance Health Check has been designed with one purpose in mind – to test a company’s anti-fraud and corruption compliance procedures to discover how they score against the Multilateral Development Banks’ exacting requirements. In order to prevent the occurrence of sanctionable practices and thus debarment, it is essential for companies to have internal programmes which accord with the expectations of Multilateral Development Banks.

Bretton Woods Law has extensive experience in designing integrity compliance programmes that meet and exceed the standards set by Multilateral Development Banks. These programmes have been described as ‘Gold Standard’, and it is this expertise and knowledge that has formed the foundations for the Bretton Woods Law MDB Compliance Health Check.

The Compliance Health Check starts with an in-depth investigation into the company’s internal compliance procedures, focusing on what Bretton Woods Law believes are the four key areas of anti-fraud and corruption:

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Investigation
  • Resolution

Following this comprehensive examination, Bretton Woods Law presents the results of the Compliance Health Check, which identifies the company’s shortfalls, great or small, in relation to the Multilateral Development Banks far-reaching anti-fraud and corruption requirements.

If any omissions or weaknesses in the company’s internal compliance programmes have been identified, Bretton Woods Law works with the company and their Internal Compliance Officer to improve their anti-corruption and fraud policies so that they meet the Multilateral Development Banks own specific guidelines. The recommendations and solutions, including Debarment Avoidance Training are designed to match each particular company’s size and condition, making the Bretton Woods Law MDB Health Check a highly cost-efficient way of improving internal programmes.

Once the bespoke MDB Health Check is complete, Bretton Woods Law provides the company with a manual that covers all the points covered, as well as a certificate that verifies that their policies meet the integrity compliance guidelines set and issued by Multilateral Development Banks.

If required, Bretton Woods Law can offer an on-going Health Check to ensure that internal programmes remain in accordance with the Multilateral Development Banks’ standards.

If you are worried that your company would not stand up to Multilateral Development Bank compliance scrutiny, why not contact Bretton Woods Law for a Compliance Health Check?