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Expert, pragmatic advice, assistance and representation borne out of globally unique experience in the field, in respect of allegations, investigations, sanctions and settlements arising out of Multilateral Development Bank funded contracts.

MDB Investigations

Negotiated Resolution Agreements invariably involve an investigative component.  Yet the power and protection that comes from such agreements is only maintained by the parties’ ability to deliver the investigative work which follows.  Unlike many, the specialist lawyers at Bretton Woods Law do not only represent clients as advocates or across the table in negotiations; rather we personally undertake and oversee the crucial investigative work which secures and maintains a company’s pathway through the turbulence that can come with the discovery of sanctionable practices.  Performance of any investigative component is often as important as the NRA itself, first because such agreements are conditional and secondly, because additional matters often arise.  Our lawyers have a wealth of in-depth investigative experience obtained internationally on bank-financed projects and through work with national prosecution authorities meaning that you have the benefit of lawyers who investigate and investigators who understand the law and the risks you face.

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