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Expert, pragmatic advice, assistance and representation borne out of globally unique experience in the field, in respect of allegations, investigations, sanctions and settlements arising out of Multilateral Development Bank funded contracts.

MDB Representation

When you contract within a Multilateral Development Bank funded project, you agree to be bound by the funding bank’s jurisdiction: the ‘courts’ of the MDB community are the Sanctions Boards, commissioners or Appeal Committees of these Banks, yet they are unlike any national court or tribunal.  Rather, they require specialist knowledge and understanding of procedure, law and context.  Unlike others, the lawyers at Bretton Woods Law enjoy a significant advantage by focusing extensively on the jurisdictions of these Boards.

The consequences of misjudging the approach in sanctions proceedings can be grave, both for your ability to continue doing business and for your reputation; our specialist representation and advocacy services are tailored for the unique demands that come with operating in this arena.

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