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Expert, pragmatic advice, assistance and representation borne out of globally unique experience in the field, in respect of allegations, investigations, sanctions and settlements arising out of Multilateral Development Bank funded contracts.

MDB Sanctions

The sanctions regimes of the Multilateral Development Banks (‘MDBs’) are complex and esoteric and they require depth of understanding, experience and insight in order successfully to navigate them. The lawyers at Bretton Woods Law are specialists dedicated to advising and representing clients on MDB sanctions matters.

We are unique in having a wealth of experience both of assisting companies facing serious allegations of misconduct and sanctionable practices on the one hand and the insight that comes from acting for Multilateral Development Banks on the other. This extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge has secured the position of Bretton Woods Law as a global leader in the field.

Dealing with Multilateral Development Bank sanctions matters requires not only expert knowledge of the subject matter, but also relationships which are born out of a proven track record and results which can be trusted. Unlike the generalists, the lawyers at Bretton Woods Law deal extensively with international organisations and its members are steeped in the experience necessary to attain the best results in this highly specialised area of law.

Each case brought by the Multilateral Development Banks requires a bespoke response; whatever your needs or your preferred approach, the members of Bretton Woods Law are perfectly placed to advise, assist, negotiate and represent you.

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