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Joseph Oppenheimer

Bretton Woods Law - Joseph Oppenheimer


Joseph Oppenheimer (



Barrister & Counsel

  • Direct Access Accredited;
  • Completed Bar Standards Board Litigation Course.



  • Multilateral Development Bank (MDB/IFI) sanctions cases and international corruption investigations
  • Employment Disputes within International Organisations
  • Consultancy and advice on the internal law of international organisations including the construct of Integrity Compliance Programmes

MDB Sanctions proceedings

In terms of the sanctions regimes operated by the multilateral developments banks (‘MDBs’), such as the World Bank Group, Joseph has a keen understanding and in-depth knowledge of the practices that could lead to debarment and is pleased to represent entities accused of by the banks of sanctionable practices, such as fraud, corruption, collusion and coercion, as well as the anti-corruption units of the banks that raise those accusations.  He is well versed in the consequences of engaging in sanctionable practices as well as the sanctions themselves.  Most recently, Joseph has assisted an international corporate entity pursuant to a negotiated resolution agreement with the World Bank’s Integrity and Vice Presidency Unit (‘INT’).

International Employment Law

Joseph advises on International Administrative Law (i.e., the employment law of the international civil servant) matters and he is willing and eager to assist international civil servants around the world with their employment related complaints and disputes.  Joseph’s advice ranges from the normal administrative process stage, all the way through the internal justice system of the international organisation in question, up to the international administrative tribunal, including advocacy.  He has received instruction from staff members of the Asian Development Bank (‘ADB’), the United Nations Development Programme (‘UNDP’) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (‘EBRD’).  He also has an in-depth knowledge of the Rules and Procedures of the ADB’s Administrative Tribunal in Manila.



  • LLB (law), University of Bristol
  • Bar Vocational Course (BPP)
  • Called to the Bar of England and Wales


  • English
  • Hebrew (proficient)

Professional Memberships

  • Gray’s Inn
  • Criminal Bar Association

Awards and Scholarships

  • Michael Jaffa award
  • Gray’s Inn PBTC (BVC) Scholarship


Since being called to the Bar in 2010, Joseph has gained significant experience of financial investigations and prosecutions.  This has involved international and domestic work.  Abroad, he has worked for the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team of the Turks and Caicos Islands, which was established and tasked by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to investigate alleged wide-scale corruption on the part of public officials and others in the TCI.

Joseph has a strong background in pro-bono defence work. He was a founder member of the UK’s first innocence project, established at the University of Bristol. In this capacity he helped interrogate the safety of serious criminal convictions. In the case of Simon Hall, a man convicted of murder, Joseph worked with Keir Starmer QC (formally the UK’s director of Public Prosecutions) to help build an out of time appeal. The innocence project team’s work on the case resulted in a successful referral to the Court of Appeal by the Criminal Case Review Commission. A BBC ‘Rough Justice’ documentary, Innocent’s Brief, was made about the team’s work.

Joseph has a broad interest in international law, human rights and criminal justice matters and has addressed the Society of Expert Witnesses on the issue of ‘theory capture’; the susceptibility of expert witnesses to their own scientific prejudice. He is also a keen film and documentary maker and has made a number of films in Israel and the occupied territories, including Checkpoint, which explores the issue of freedom of movement in the West Bank. The film received official selection, including at Channel 4’s Brit Doc film festival.

Marler is an established expert in the rule of law and public international law generally. I have seen him at work over the years and he is impressive. A barrister with a quick mind, an eloquent tongue and a talent with a pen, as well as having a keen sense of humour. I selected him to be my General Counsel at EQ-G for a reason.

General Sir David Richards GCB CBE DSO (former UK CDS and now Lord Richards of Hertsmonceux)

Lawyers in private practice with talent and expertise in resolving MDB sanctions cases are few and far between, but Lee Marler is one of them. He has proven himself time and again to be knowledgeable and highly effective. He is also a fine advocate and draftsman, and this is why I instruct him – where necessary – to assist IACD in its efforts to curb corruption on AfDB financed projects.

Anna Bossman, Director, AfDB’s Integrity and Anticorruption Department (“IACD”)

An unparalleled blend of legal expertise in the area of International Administrative Law and an understanding of the mindset and functioning of legal departments at international institutions.”

Zbigniew Kominek, Former Chair, EBRD Staff Council