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International Humanitarian Law

The BWL IHL Team offers truly independent and above all expert advice, guidance and training from seasoned professionals in the field of International Humanitarian Law.

International Humanitarian Law (“IHL”), often referred to as the law of armed conflict or the law of war, is the branch of international law that seeks on humanitarian grounds to limit, as far as possible, the adverse effects of international and internal armed conflicts. IHL endeavours to subject warfare to the Rule of Law by limiting its destructive effect and by mitigating human suffering. It is and has always been inspired and led by considerations of humanity and the need to ameliorate human suffering, and to this end it operates so as to protect individuals who have not participated or who are no longer participating in hostilities. Of equal importance are the restrictions and regulations that IHL places on the means and methods of warfare available to combatants.

Our IHL Team has emerged as a distinct group naturally and over time from BWL’s Rule of Law Team. It is organised and managed on a day-to-day basis by Lee Marler, a former military lawyer and expert in IHL, but it enjoys the thought leadership and benefits immeasurably from the practical experience of preeminent individuals in the field.

All members of our Team have a deep knowledge and understanding of the jus ad bellum (resort to armed conflict) and jus in bello (laws of war) and are able to advise on all aspects of international and internal armed conflicts, including the application of human rights to conflicts, the protection of civilians, the laws of occupation and issues surrounding detention and the running of detention centres. Additionally, members of the Team have extensive expertise and experience in Rule of Law issues in post conflict and post disaster situations, as well as preparing cases against those accused of grave breaches of IHL for referral to international tribunals.

The work of the BWL IHL Team is aimed at States and international organisations, such as the United Nations and its Specialised Agencies, but members of the group are happy to accept instructions from governments (de jure and de facto), governmental authorities, armed forces and non-governmental organisations.

The service provided by members of the Team is diverse, but typically includes:

  1. advice and advocacy on IHL issues;
  2. the review and drafting of IHL legislation and other IHL materials;
  3. the development and delivery of bespoke IHL examined and non-examined training anywhere in the world and to anyone, culminating, in defined circumstances, in the award of The BWL IHL Certification;
  4. advice, guidance and implementation on the ground of solutions to Rule of Law problems in conflict, post-conflict and post-disaster situations, including the establishment of ad hoc justice systems through to the establishment and running of gold-standard detention centres that function in accordance with human rights principles.

The BWL IHL Team’s clients can always be assured that its work is wholly independent and of a standard that meets and exceeds expectations. To get in touch with the BWL IHL Team please email Lee Marler, Neil Macaulay, Alex Haines or Jazz Omari.

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