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Specialist knowledge and advisory assistance in respect of rule of law, human rights and legislative reviews and reforms for nation states and government departments.


Rule of Law

Adherence to the Rule of Law is fundamental to achieving sustainable development and economic success within a State. The members of the BWL Rule of Law Team (“The Team”) are trained and experienced Rule of Law professionals; we are used to working in challenging situations around the world in order to provide an exemplary service to our clients.

The Team’s practice recognises and embraces the four core Rule of Law elements, which are:

  1. Accountability – all within a State are accountable to the law, including the State itself;
  2. Human Rights – all laws must be consistent with established international human rights standards;
  3. Accessibility, Enforceability and Publication – laws must be accessible by all, equally enforceable and publically promulgated;
  4. Fair and Timely Adjudication – laws must be adjudicated in public in a timely manner by suitably qualified and independent judges.

The multilingual and diverse Team (team members are fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Arabic) offers States that recognise that they are in need of Rule of Law advice and guidance a high quality, proportionate and above all effective service, which is discreet, flexible and affordable. The service, which is empathetic to a State’s cultural requirements and legal traditions, is designed to be delivered as a three-phase package (known as The BWL Rule of Law Formula or “the RLF”). In Phase 1, the Team ordinarily produces an Exemplifying Rule of Law Plan (solutions to identified Rule of Law problems). In Phase 2, the Team might be engaged on Plan Implementation (doing the work to make the plan succeed) and in Phase 3, Implanted Legal Support, members of the Team might be invited to stay behind to assist with Phase 2 (in country support in the short to medium term to maximise the success of the plan). But the Team can be instructed at any time to provide any one of the three phases separately or, alternatively, to validate or refresh existing Rule of Law systems.

 Rule of Law Services

Rule of Law Services

The BWL Rule of Law Team offers the proven BWL Rule of Law Formula to States seeking to achieve sustainable development and economic success through improved governance

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